We're an experienced team supported by world class advisors.

We built Verde because we wanted a culture that we loved. This desire led us to build a team of advisors, because we realized a central part of our culture was to be sharpened by others.

Our advisor team not only supports us as we grow the business, but has also recommended us to their network because they believe in our ability to transform businesses, regardless of industry.

Our Advisor team

When we launched Verde, we knew that we could not be successful on our own. We have pursued (and continue to) a group of incredible, experienced advisors that we're proud to know and learn from.

Sales Leadership Executive with core values of strong work ethic, integrity, consultative selling, and positive customer experience. I am passionate about helping customers leverage technology to execute transformations in their business.
AUSTEN Trimble
Verde Strategies Partner and Advisor
Austin-based leader with a knack for building healthy tech cultures, scaling organizations through processes, and bridging the gap between product and business goals.
Product Development and Marketing-oriented Entrepreneur
Spent the past decade helping companies grow faster online. Now, I invest in profitable internet companies and teach ambitious entrepreneurs how to build, launch and grow a successful business.
Founder, Micro PE @ Proven Ventures

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