November 30, 2021

How to Outsource Your Sales Process

How to Outsource Your Sales Process

The sales process in the business-to-business space no longer moves in a linear motion, where your product or services move from seller to buyer.  

We now have a much more involved process that brings multiple factors into play. A typical business will now have to invest in results-oriented data, check their buyer behavior, have a social influence, and look into having relevant content.  

With the complexity of the sales process, businesses, companies, or corporations could struggle to grow leads and close the sales process. The best part is that you have the option of outsourcing your sales process.  

Outsourcing your sales process via a sales company gives you and your team the space to focus your strengths and creativity on the core operations of your business. 

The outsourced sales supplier can drive revenue for your business by recruiting, training, scaling, and selling, ultimately leading to improved ROI.  

While insourcing a sales process puts you in charge, outsourcing lets you work with sales experts for better results.


What is sales outsourcing?

Most businesses specializing in B2B selling can work for mainstream businesses to maximize their cold calling efforts. If you are a business owner, this gives you the autonomy to focus on the daily operations of your business.  

Your efforts to maximize sales are now in the hands of a trusted outsourced sales partner to help you achieve your sales goals.


What services do an outsourced sales partner offer?

Each business has specific goals and objectives. You want to outsource a sales partner who will work with you to meet your needs and achieve your goals. Outsourced sales teams are well-equipped to handle a range of services not limited to: 

●    Data research

●    Outreach/Outbound calling

●    Engaging leads

●    Nurturing engaged leads

●    Sales

●    Provision of specialized resources according to the unique goals of your business


How to get started in outsourcing your sales process

As determined earlier, outsourcing the services of a sales team can help your business grow by focusing on the operational activities of a business and less on sales and marketing.

In outsourcing your sales process, you need to do some pre-planning and set your goals right. We offer some guidance below.  

1. Determine your outsourcing scope

You should be clear on what scope of the sales processes you want to outsource. There is a range of options to consider. One is outsourcing a sales firm to handle your sales processes entirely, or you could choose a particular service you want to outsource.  

Still, you could outsource a sales firm to help you with lead generation and use an internal sales staff to handle the rest of the process. You need to understand what strategy will drive your sales goals forward.  

2. Align using an account-based approach

How are you going to connect and build relations with your potential sales partner? An account-based approach is presumed to work best in connecting sales teams with a purpose. This involves sales teams using educational resources, personalized communications, and social channels to bond.   

It's vital to sit down with your outsourced sales team for sync-ups and discussions. Discuss the prospective clients they should target and what strategies they can use to be successful.


Outsourcing the right partner for your sales process

You need to put your business through certain checks and balances that will help you know when to outsource your sales process. Actions such as analyzing a sales strategy and performing a cost analysis should precede the sales process.  

What are your sales partner capabilities, and do they match with your long-term business needs and strategy? Scout for an outsourced sales partner with the ability to take care of your immediate sales needs and be flexible to adapt to the changing needs of your business.  

When outsourcing a sales partner for your sales process, you need to break down the selection process into three fundamental areas: people, processes, and technology. Let's delve deeper into what these areas mean for your process of selecting a sales outsourcing partner.  

1. People

To outsource your sales process, you want to look for a sales supplier with the right personnel for your brand or business. Check their hiring processes and determine what method they use to motivate and retain their staff.  This is important because their personnel are going to be the face of your brand.  

When assessing a potential sales partner for their strengths, analyze them against the following parameters.

Is their labor pool up to standard?

If the outsourced sales firm has superior labor who may require more compensation, they must justify that. On the contrary, an outsourced sales partner can help you cut costs by hiring their sales staff from regions with low living costs rather than their skills and expertise.  

The overall quality of their onboarding process

What is the quality of their onboarding process? You also want to know how long their onboarding processes take. A good sales partner can train staff quickly, thus giving them the adaptability of delivering on their job.  


The turnover rate from your potential sales partner has to be low to below average. They should also have customer-sensitive systems for replacing their personnel.  


2. Processes

Your outsourced sales supplier has to demonstrate strong capabilities in their processes. For instance, what do their metrics and analytics look like? Do they have a sales plan with targets?  

Your sales partner should also demonstrate adaptability. Can we add that to your notifications in the event of a failure in their established processes? The partner should have well-formed plans for achieving their goals.


3. Technology

An excellent outsourced sales partner should be tech savvy. Ensure they have an understanding of how technology fits into their plans (deployment and processes of measurement). When measuring their technological capability, weigh them against CRM (Customer Relationship Management)expertise. CRM is their latest sales technology, which involves list-building, Salesforce, Gong, and Outreach.



If your business is preoccupied with daily operations and has no little time for sales, you have the option of outsourcing your sales process. This is a straightforward process that businesses can use to leverage off the expertise of sales firms to help them grow leads and improve their ROI. It all boils down to understanding your sales goals and getting the right outsourced sales partner to work with.

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