September 14, 2021

Outsourcing Inside Sales and Its Top Benefits Today

Outsourcing Inside Sales and Its Top Benefits Today

Outsourcing inside sales, or B2B appointment setting, is one of the most-used marketing tactics nowadays.

It involves hiring a third-party team, company, or even an individual who will do any sales and marketing related work on behalf of your team. While some business advisors might argue that outsourcing your own company’s sales functions might not be good, you must take into consideration that the world is changing and we are already in the middle of a virtual marketing era.

Thus, you have to keep up and ride the tide.

This type of tactic is commonly used by emerging businesses, start-up companies and even companies who are just trying to keep their businesses afloat in this challenging time. Technically, all types of businesses can outsource inside sales, especially in an advanced technology market today.

Before you think that hiring an outsourced sales team might just be another additional expense on your part, let us show you the top benefits of outsourcing an inside sales team like Verde Strategies, and how they can instantly boost your company’s sales revenue.

Decrease in overhead and initial investment costs

Most of the time, company owners would mention that the Return of Investment (ROI) takes years to be fully appreciated due to the huge amount that they initially invested in the overhead and tangible expenses in their company.

When hiring a permanent sales team, you are required to consider many things. Considering the different sales and operational functions in a company, it would be impossible for a single person to handle all of it. With this, you would be left with no choice but to hire several people with good sales backgrounds to make your team and this will only mean one thing: Your overhead budget needs to increase.

Take note that salary is not the only thing to be added to your budget as there are a number of statutory benefits that you are also required to give as an employer. Adding up to the overhead costs would be the other parts of your tangible costs apart from the salary. Office rent, equipment, inventory, and assets take a huge part of your budget.

While all of these costs continue to give you a throbbing headache when it comes to budgeting, this would be the exact opposite when you hire an outsourced inside sales team. Deciding to outsource an inside sales team would definitely result in a decrease in all of these overhead and investment costs.

Take into consideration that an outsourced inside sales team will be equipped enough with both people and technology to fully manage the sales and marketing functions in your company.

Getting people’s expertise and specialization in the field

Today’s competition in the marketing realm is not just about how big your company is. Right now, you must have the right people and the perfect game plan to make everything work. The most important thing to remember when outsourcing an inside sales team is that you can eventually lower the risk of bringing your own business down.

Why? Because an outsourced inside sales team is already composed of people with a wide array of expertise and specialization in the field of sales and marketing. While they can help you in boosting your company’s internal sales revenue, your in-house sales team can also be given a chance to focus on other operational sales functions of your company.

Also, the outsourced inside sales team does not usually just offer sales services like doing cold calling and cold emails. This team can even offer several effective digitalized and online marketing techniques that can be applied in your company.

Oftentimes, they can personalize a plan of action based on your company’s requirements and capability. They can also set up a monitoring dashboard which can effectively track your company’s sales.

Spending a fortune to consistently refresh and update your in-house sales team’s marketing strategies through several training sessions is also not that ideal today. This is due to each company’s struggle to work in a virtual arrangement caused by the pandemic.

Thus, outsourcing an inside sales team right now would be very much advantageous on an employer’s part as the team will do all the legwork related to your company’s operational sales function.

Expanded range of potential clients

Hiring an outsourced inside sales team can also give your company an advantage on reaching an expanded range of clients.

The outsourced inside sales team has more access to potential clients. Since they will be the ones doing all of the sales and marketing legwork on behalf of your company, they can also easily introduce you to a new set of clients that you weren’t able to reach before through your in-house sales team due to limited access and workforce.

Given that your in-house team is generally effective and efficient, contacting a large number of targeted clients a day is time-consuming.

In fact, many companies fail to reach their monthly revenue quotas due to mishandling of their operational capabilities mainly because of the daily shift of focus of their employees. Letting them focus on your company’s sales dynamic and other relevant areas can actually be a good thing.

Basically, it has also been proven that the outsourced team has been able to get more clients’ approval as most of them prefer receiving sales calls and emails rather than attending a face-to-face meeting, which can be common in a normal working set-up.

There can be many more reasons why outsourcing inside sales can actually boost your company’s revenue. More than what has been listed in this article, let us all take into consideration that setting up a business during this global pandemic situation will be much more of a gamble.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to let your business grow, it’s best to check the most fitting outsourcing inside sales team for your company and try this out.

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