September 14, 2021

Streamlining Your Social Media Outlets

Streamlining Your Social Media Outlets

Having various social media outlets allows you to connect with your audience in many ways. It allows you to grow your content and nurture the audience with which you speak. It represents flexibility with regards to your approach to your business and publications. 

Keeping up with various social media outlets can be draining. The countless stimuli of notifications and follow-ups can burn you out. You may also have to analyze all of them at different times. It is easy to compromise your personal time for business time. 

You may even be managing your own team, and a lot is on your plate. Social media gives no option to tone down because it would leave you defeated against your competition.  

Streamlining your social media accounts is the way to go. It is the new approach to marketing and organizing business in cyberspace. This allows you to stay on top of things without losing track of every communication line you built with your audience. 

Here are some of the ways you can streamline your social media accounts in order to stay organized with your business posts: 

Collect your content efficiently

A huge part of brainstorming ideas comes from your search on the Internet. Sometimes you dedicate a time to search what is needed for your business to move towards your goal. Sometimes the algorithm of your online accounts provides you with spontaneous content. 

Efficient collection of data is a must if you want to stay organized with your publications. The internet contains massive amounts of data. It can easily overwhelm you with so much garbage that you might not want to include your ideas. 

Install browser extensions that allow you to put everything in one place. You can also bookmark things that interest you for future ideas. The goal here is to make sure that you have a storing hub for all of your ideas when you research. 

The ease of going back to them will help you in the long run, keeping you focused amid the sea of data.  

You can also limit the time you spend on each social media platform a day to avoid getting into the rabbit hole of data. Set a timer when you go through each of your accounts. 

You can also try to compile your findings in an online document or a spreadsheet. You will know your style as you go along, especially if you make research a habit. The goal here is to have you find your own system that allows you to stay organized. 

You can also try and set alerts in various news outlets and social media accounts to notify you with trending stories. 

Build a strategy

When it comes to posting content, you will need to determine a few things: type of content, when to post, and where to post.  

You determine the type of posts based on the research you made. Is there an event you would like to feature this week? Is your industry currently following a trend? How can you make your brand more visible online? Include images in your post for more impact and visual aid. 

You hold the decision that determines which posts will reach your social media platforms all to increase your audience. Consider the audience to which you need to reach out. 

After you determine the types of content, attempt to build a timetable of when to post it all online. The time and date of posting show how you want to build interaction. Would you prefer people to see your post after work? Would you like them to see it first thing in the morning? 

Having these details down will save you time in the long run as it allows you to give more time to work on other things. Don’t forget that you can automate posts with some software. 

Make sure you stick to one type of branding or tone even when you post across different platforms. A tweet is made differently from an Instagram story, but the content of your brand must stay consistent to etch it in your audience’s memory. 

Your strategy will allow you to widen your network amongst your audience. 

Use a content calendar

Usage of a content calendar is a must when you want to stay on top of things. You can always move the time blocks around in order to adjust to new happenings. 

Use it to keep your audience on their toes. You can attempt to post a countdown to an event that they look forward to: a sale, a concert, or a promotion. 

You can use this to give you a reminder of your goals and milestones.  

Dedicate time to understanding how you are doing online by analyzing quantitative data as a measure of engagement with your audience. 

Post twice

You should not expect that your post will always be remembered. Try posting more than once on every platform. Of course, you should not overdo it to leave the impression of lacking creativity.  

Your audience does not research as much as you do. They are surrounded by a mass of data in their daily lives. 

Posting twice would tell you which times work with which audiences. This is an attempt to increase engagement and reach with your audience. Look at the amount of shares and reposts about your content to gauge how you did. 

Identity your goals and your audience

Develop a persona that works with your audience interaction. This can usually be established with the tone of your posts and your writing. Some audiences may prefer an informal tone. Some prefer a more professional approach. 

You can start to determine the goals you have for your business. If you prefer that your audience thinks of you as an “approachable” entity, you may opt for an informal tone. If you prefer that they see you as a refined and calculated business, you may opt for a professional tone. 

Use cross-platform social tools

Use cross-platform social tools to allow you to separate personal life from business life. 

The biggest benefit of this is allowing you a bird’s eye view of all of your activity. The relief of seeing all of your logistics in one place is essential to your longevity. It lessens the time you spend on social media. It can give you more rest. 

Most of the cross-platform social tools allow automation, which is usually used in scheduling posts. If you are going solo, you might need this in order to keep things in check without having lapses in your business plans. 

Render customer service to your audience

You will need to interact with some of your audience at some point. All of the talks about social media and technology dehumanize people into users.  

However, remember that you are trying to create connection with the people behind the screens, not only with their accounts. When people feel the humanness behind the posts through your writing, they may desire to reach out to you. 

Make sure to check your posts for comments and questions when that happens. Delegate the task to your team.  

Do not forget that you must maintain your professional or informal tone when you answer it because even an answer to your clients’ questions becomes a part of their impression of your brand and business. 

Troubleshooting is also included in this department. Provide the best resolution that your audience thinks they need. The more you can offer resolutions and build conversations, the more that they are going to associate your business with good relations.  

This will provide you with a good relationship with your audience. They might have the opportunity to provide you with 5 out of 5 star reviews.


Streamline your social media outlet to increase your productivity and efficiency. It lessens the amount of wasted time on social media. Remember to maintain the connection you build with your audience by having your presence felt with interaction.  

Increasing your online presence and visibility follows from the system you build with streamlining your accounts. Use the cross-platform tools to allow you to automate your posts. Use the documents and spreadsheets to keep tabs on your research ideas for the future. 

Once your system plays to your advantage, you can choose to allocate more time to achieve your business goals or to have more personal time to achieve better work-life balance.  

Automating everything and streamlining your social media accounts offer nothing but advantage and longevity to your business pursuits. 

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