September 14, 2021

The Top Five Cold Email Software

The Top Five Cold Email Software

If you are a marketer tasked with increasing your company’s reach, then you’re probably engaged in cold emailing.

To put it simply, cold emailing is when you send emails to dozens, if not hundreds, of unknown recipients. It is usually used for promotional marketing, but it technically covers any kind of email where the sender and the recipient do not know each other.

Naturally, cold emailing takes a lot of work. If you’ve ever sent 50 emails in a day and found it tedious, imagine how much more tedious it can be when you need to send 500 emails in three hours.

Fortunately, there are plenty of software that specialize in cold email. These programs allow you to craft a message and send it to many people all at once.

When looking for cold email software, you want to prioritize efficiency and speed. The quicker you can send emails, the more emails you can send.

That’s why we are looking at the top five cold email software in this article. 

1. Lemlist

Topping the list is Lemlist, an outreach automation program capable not only of sending emails but also of following up.

The neat thing about Lemlist is that despite allowing you to send hundreds or thousands of emails all at once, you can also customize each email that’s sent. Imagine how much time that’s saving you.

Without this customization feature, you’d be stuck manually typing changes for each email that you send. That could take hours, even if you need to send less than a hundred emails.

Lemlist also has a sales engagement platform, letting you engage with leads across multiple channels, all in one convenient platform. What’s more, the sales engagement can be seamlessly synced with your entire team, so you can see at a glance how all your leads are doing.

Lemlist is used by over 10,000+ clients, including Zendesk, Uber, Sumo, and Comet.

If you’re interested in trying out their service, you can check them out here

2. Mixmax

Mixmax touts itself as the#1 sales engagement platform for Gmail, and it’s not hard to see why.

It easily integrates itself with Gmail, allowing you to share your calendar, embed polls & surveys, and track emails.

It’s not just for marketing and cold email; its usage include sales, recruiting, leadership, sales operations, and entrepreneurs. Basically, if you’re in any field where you will be needing plenty of customer engagement, Mixmax is the right tool for you.

Mixmax can be used to increase your efficiency in multiple ways. Whether you want tracking, engagement, scheduling, automation, integration, or any mixture of those, Mixmax has a solution for you.

The client list includes well-known companies like Canva, Typeform, Gong, Trendalytics, and Help Scout.

It also has multiple pricing plans, starting with a free tier for those who just want to increase their productivity. You can even have custom pricing for an enterprise plan if you have a bigger team.

If you want to get started on Mixmax, you can request a demo here

3. Reply

For generating leads, acquiring new customers, and growing revenue, Reply is the solution to your cold email needs.

Its Chrome extension has a convenient integration feature with LinkedIn, so you can find verified emails and add them directly to your outreach sequence. Say goodbye to manually scouring for leads and entering them into a database.

For cold email specifically, Reply has a quality text scoring backed by AI. This means that you can quickly look for the hottest leads through their algorithm.

You can also say goodbye to manually checking multiple CRM tools. With Reply, you can integrate them all, allowing you to sync your data across multiple channels and just rely on Reply to give you all the information in one neat space.

Reply is used by over 10,000+ users and businesses, including Drawboard, Kinside, Labiotech, and BoxLock.

You can try it out for free by registering here.

4. Outreach

For Outreach, every interaction is an opportunity to efficiently grow your business.

That’s why it offers a single platform for all your team’s customer-facing representatives. Whether they are in marketing, sales development, closing, or success, everyone is centralized into one platform for convenient tracking and data monitoring.

Outreach allows you to automate your sales. They even have conversation intelligence to make your cold email recipients feel like they’re talking to an actual person.

We all know that nobody likes receiving an email that looks like it was ripped off a generic template and sent to everybody else.

Another thing that Outreach has going for it is its emphasis on data privacy. Their team constantly invests in data and technology to maximize their trustworthiness.

No wonder 18 out of the top 25 fastest-growing public software companies rely on Outreach to help meet their revenue targets. Their client list also includes big brands like Zoom, Microsoft, and Adobe.

If you want to check out the sales engagement platform that even the world’s leading companies use, you can request a demo here

5. Woodpecker

With Woodpecker, you have more than just cold email software. You also have a personal AI assistant that helps you craft your messages in addition to sending them in bulk.

It’s an intuitive cold email tool that comes with a unique algorithm. This lets you verify email addresses and send cold emails automatically as if you did them manually.

The best part? The emails don’t go to your recipients’ Spam folders. They go to the primary Inbox.

We all know that emails sent in bulk tend to go to Spam, especially with Gmail. Using Woodpecker gives you the assurance that your cold emails will be received and read by your recipients.

It also has an A/B testing feature so you can analyze and determine the best version of your email that gets the most conversions.

Woodpecker is trusted by over 13,000+ users, which include Profitwell, LiveChat, and Brand24.

You can try out the software for free right here.

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