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Building a scalable sales team can be tough for high growth, tech companies. Sales is a math equation when it reaches maturity. Inputs equal outputs and that machine should be well-oiled by now. If it's not, it's time to double down.

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  • You have high seasonality and no recurring revenue
  • The majority of sales are word of mouth or referral
  • High sales team turnover which is expensive and painful
  • Failed Head of Sales whose "rolodex" wasn't what you hoped
  • You have high concentration of low margin RFP work
"If you want your Sales team to double revenue, then engage Verde."
Nick Colvin
revenue leadership

build a dependable, recurring revenue machine

Healthy and scalable security companies start with a strong base of Recurring Revenue. But, building a portfolio of profitable RMR can be tough for fast moving security businesses. The best time to start building RMR in your business was 4 years ago, the second best time is today. 

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HIgh fives all around


The owner of Anchor, Cody Foster, knew that his business couldn't succeed on 1-time jobs and engaged Verde Strategies to help build a recurring revenue-centric business plan. Verde created a scalable revenue plan to help Anchor dramatically scale revenue over the next 6 months, which will help the business weather seasonality.

“Verde is helping me build a recurring revenue machine that I can depend on."
- Cody, Owner of Anchor Security

Ready To Scale Your Revenue?

Let Verde help you hit your revenue goals. No matter how large or small your business is currently, we're ready to help you scale.

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