Scaling IS Expensive. Maximize your ROI.

Verde Strategies helps businesses meet their revenue goals through improving sales process, multi-channel marketing activity, and supporting technologies.

You have a
revenue goal, we

You have a revenue goal, we

There are many ways to attempt to grow revenue, and we help our clients avoid mistakes as they scale.

The WRong Way

To Grow Revenue
Hire a new VP of Sales without a scalable growth plan
Increase the ads budget and hope it's somehow profitable
Expecting high-volume outbound activity to fix your pipeline
Randomly spending money on various PR stunts

The Right Way

To Grow Revenue
Integrated effort across Sales, Marketing, and Technology
Built around the customer and their journey
Consistent, coordinated messaging across all channels
Modest spend that ramps with verification of success

Our Origin story

We are former Big 4 consultants and technology sales execs that left the corporate world to help businesses build sustainable revenue machines.

Many times founders have a great idea that turns into a successful business. However, sometimes people give you the idea...and that's how Verde was born. Our initial clientele was made up of past employers and clients asking us to help solve their sales and marketing challenges, so we built a company to do just that.

Meet The Team
Strategy + Services

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Growing your Sales team should not feel like gambling. Instead, it should be a calculated investment with a clear ROI.


Hiring for high volume, high quality outbound sales activity is expensive. Let Verde fill your pipeline.

Sales Playbook

If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it. Verde helps implement predictable revenue processes to supercharge sales.


Outbound cold calls and emails are just activities if there isn’t cohesive messaging. Verde can help put a plan behind your outbound sales strategy.


Your sales and marketing technology should be integrated with the rest of your ecosystem and hold your sales team accountable to the sales playbook.


If your organization is in need of revenue leadership, Verde will step in to ensure that your processes support the necessary sales activity to achieve your financial goals.


There's no magic bullet to attaining your revenue goals. Verde's iterative process allows companies ensure that the dollars they spend on Sales aren't wasted. Our strategy is built on verifying success before ramping spend.

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Our Process:
How The Salsa Is Made

Each Verde client gets a fresh can of salsa...just kidding, but we will send you a tshirt.

Book A Free Discovery Call

You can't improve anything unless you understand it. We know the right questions to ask in order to identify the broader issues inside your organization. Schedule a no-pressure call for us to get started.

Chat With Our Past Clients

We have nothing to hide and encourage our potential clients to engage with current and past clients. Authentic social proof is the greatest predictor of success, which is why we are happy to facilitate these conversations.

Business Recommendations

After completing our full discovery process, Verde provides practical recommendations that are tailored to the current state of your business. Some of these recommendations may be concurrent, while others are sequential.

Team Kick-Off Call

Time to hit the big red button. Once we are all aligned on strategy and timeline, we hold a formal kickoff to get things moving.

Regular Cadence Meetings

True to our model, Verde meets with clients on a regular basis to ensure that we have consensus on what's working and what's not. These meetings are critical in order to make healthy pivots as necessary.

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Customer love

Things are going pretty well over here at Verde, but don't take our word for it. Check out recent client testimonials.

“If you want your Sales team to double revenue in under a year, then engage Verde.”
Nick C.
“Verde is helping me build a recurring revenue machine that I can depend on.”
Owner, Anchor Security
“The Verde team knew exactly how to navigate the seasonality of our revenue.”
Owner, Turnbull Dumpster Rental

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